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Process Serving Pricing


Prices starting at:

Standard Service Fee  $65

(Standard Serves first attempt within the first 72 hours of received documentation)

Standard Service Fee for rural or gated areas  $70

Set up serves starting at  $85 

(A certain set time)

Rush Service  $75

(Rush Service first attempt within the first 48 Hours of received documentation)


Emergency/ Urgent Serves  $85

(Emergency / Urgent Serves first attempt within the first 24 hours of received documentation)

Court runs/filings or Proof of Service Starting at  $35 

(Depending on court location)

Each additional defendant or address is an additional  $35 

(Based on location)

Posting of Notices starting at  $35

Declaration Re Diligence starting at  $30

Domestic Violence Restraining orders or Civil Harassment Restraining Orders starting at  $85

Stake Outs at  $50 

(Per hour)

Serves done in Military bases, Hospitals and Jails are an additional  $30 




. Writs

. Subpoenas

. Complaints

. Summons

. Civil summons

. Civil complaint 

. Forcible detainer action

. Eviction 

. Garnishments 

. Orders of protection 

. Injunctions prohibiting

. Petitions for supplemental proceedings

. Child support

. Divorce papers

. Collections letters 

. Court document filings

. Document retrieval services    




****Prices are dependent on county location and per individual, please call for details****

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